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Doctor Testimonial Recommends SustainO²gine™:

I recently switched up my cardio program from indoor jump rope to outdoor running with the weather getting nice. I figured the switch would be difficult do to the different muscles involved. I initiated two runs two weeks ago with moderate difficulty. I needed several rests during the course of a 3 mile run, which I performed each day I ran. This week, with the weather in the 50’s I decided to go for another two runs. This time I added SustainO²gine™ to my supplement routine. My endurance was impressive the first day. I had very limited rest periods. I had absolutely no soreness the next day and took two more SustainO²gine™ before my second run. This time I was able to push through the whole run without stopping.

I am very impressed with this product. Will continue to take it with a goal of three 4 mile runs a week.
Dr. Pietro Baio DC Performance Edge Chiropractic, P.C. Brooklyn, NY 11234, Tel: (917)-309-5464, Email: [email protected]PEChiro.com

PRO BOXER, Client of Dr. Baio above:

“Dam! Doc, just ran 6 miles with those oxygen pills, PURE EASE! Feels like I am cheating! I will be using these now and for my upcoming fight.”


Was sent the combo/ingredients for review. He showed a few of his colleagues.  Coach and Colleagues all said “SustainO²gine™ is 100% A GO!!!”.


Scott “The Bear” Barret Last fight, with 3 pokes to the eyes, 2 shots to the groin, NO BREAKS! NO POINT DEDUCTION! Goes all 3 rounds SMILING! Appeared energized and focused. No indication that Scott was winded or tired during the entire fight at all!  Scott tell iOX: “I had plenty of energy. My endurance was great! I really was not winded at all! I have taken many supplements. But never anything I can feel like SustainO²gine™. ”Don’t mess with a bear on SustainO²gine™!!.


Throws 97mph on the gun for the first time in his baseball career, 3 days on SustainO²gine™. He stated “I feel strong and focused! During practice I feel loose, more fluid and with quicker movement. I like the fact I can pitch longer and still have a much faster recovery.”   PASSED NCAA Drug Test(April) NO PROBLEM!!!.


Stationed in GA. “I tried the sample of SustainO²gine™ that I received in the mail for the first time this morning. I dropped 1 minute off the run time on my PT test that day. I had my doubts at first, but SustainO²gine™ definitely lived up to its word!.”


“iOX what can I say about SustainO²gine™? Being a competitive bodybuilder, I have a very demanding training regiment, and when I was introduced to this product, it was awesome! My recovery between sets and endurance during a set increased substantially! I even used it during my prejudging posing session and what a difference it made. Love this product!!!.”


“I need excellent cardiovascular conditioning. My best description of the product SustainO²gine™ would be maximum oxygen. It feels like one breath provides the energy of two. It’s a great product with no stimulants if you don’t want the jitters.”


“GREAT SUPPLEMENT! I work out on a daily basis and this product seems to enhance my endurance. I didn’t get to a point of losing my breath. I play a lot of basketball. I can play 5 full court games and I still have my breath. I went and helped my buddy move out of his house and we were lifting furniture all day. I felt really good and seemed to be able to breathe with ease. I plan on using this product on a daily basis!.”


“I am always weary of the claims that some of these supplement companies make. After using SustainO²gine™, I can honestly say that this is a TRUE oxygen/endurance supplement. iOX has formulated a supplement that is like no other. This product will allow you to intake and utilize oxygen more efficiently as well as increase your endurance. I look forward to seeing more from this unique, cutting edge company.”


  • UFC/MMA fighters have 60 second recoveries between rounds. Fighters are reporting numbers down to 42 second RECOVERIES! Boca Raton, FL.
  • 67 year old male rode his bike 3 times his normal distance and could keep going. Delray Beach, FL.
  • CYCLIST – shaved 2.7 miles off his race time and noted a significant leveling of heart rate after breakaways!
  • Facility (special training gym in FL) trainers there have named SustainO²gine™ “Endless-wind” Claiming their body’s tire out before their lungs do.
  • WORKOUT MOM, after 3 mile run. Returned, claimed “could just keep going no problem!” Had a shake and cleaned her entire house. NO STIMULANTS!
  • MMA fighters in FL have stated over and over “WE WILL NOT GET ON THE MAT WITHOUT IT!”.
  • Veteran to the supplement industry serious stimulant JUNKY takes 2 SustainO²gine™ with his pre-workout at 530am has energy/focus all day. He has reported his company is very pleased with his recent up-tick in productivity.
  • FL BODYBUILDER wins his class and the overall competition. No cramps, no breathing issues, had plenty of ENERGY AT CONTEST!! Palm Beach, FL
  • The VP of a major sport supplement company reported, he took 2 SustainO²gine™ worked out for 3 hours and did 2 cross-fit sessions.
  • Father mid 40’s, 18 year old Son state soccer champ – same training session – Father on 2 SustainO²gine™ heart rate 140’s. Sons 170.  Long Island, NY.
  • Male in his early 50’s – I’ve been taking SustainO²gine™ and it’s fantastic. My workouts and athletic speed is better!!! FAST RECOOPERATION!!.
  • Military Police Officer – 1st time trying sample, dropped “ 1 ” minute off her PT test”I had my doubts at 1st! This definitely lived up to its word!” GA.
  • Told I would be able to WORKOUT LONGER! Seemed the harder I trained the better I responded. Felt like I could just keep TRAINING with NOTICABLE EFFECTS!!.
  • Middle age with Sarcoidosis of the Lungs. Blood oxygen up to 94%. ABILITY TO BREATH during workouts! At work, claims younger guys can’t keep up!!.
  • DOCTOR – IMPRESSED! Significant improvement with limited rest the first day on SustainO²gine™. No soreness FAST recovery. VERY IMPRESSIVE. Bklyn, NY Will continue to take it with a goal of three 4 mile runs a week.


Subject: O2

I met you yesterday at NY barbell. I’m the future Olympian with the national runner for a mother lol. I tried it out yesterday and today’s training and I can say that I noticed a significant difference in my fingers. Usually my knuckles swell and hurt like they need to be cracked but won’t crack almost every time I train. This makes it hard to grip anything or even move my fingers. It progressively gets worse in the winter obviously. Today I had no problem with my hands and felt no pain! Little to no stiffness and didn’t feel the need to crack them. All I am going to say for now is wow. Thank you. I’ll report back at the end of the week. I’m tracking the progress of recovery time.
Thanks for introducing me to this. If in just two days it has decreased the swelling in my hands during training I’m a believer for anyone with circulation issues.
Devon F.

Subject: RE: iOX – Infinitine Oxygen Formulations SustainO²gine™.

Hi John,
WOW! Within 15min you can feel a deeper breath! I have been taking it for cardio and running in the woods on weekends, it does assist as I can breathe deeper (now just over 230lbs at 5’5” and lean!) I also have athletically induced asthma and the ability to breathe deeper is noticeable!.
Clayton J.
Sales Executive

Subject: From Rich at Sam’s Supplement, Hicksville

I met you at Sam’s Supplement shop in Hicksville. I’ve been taking your SustainO²gine™ and it’s fantastic. My workouts and speed is better. I hope everyone is well.
Happy Holidays, Rich

Subject: Update

Hey, John,
Not sure if you remember me, but I met you at NY barbell about 2 months ago and you gave my sister, brother in law, and I some samples of Sustain and they worked very good! I just have a question. Is it necessary to take it with food? The reason I ask is because I usually do FTP in the am, ex; either weight training or cardio on an empty stomach.