( E-PO-gine )

Extra Potent Oxygen Generator Omega-2

  • An athlete energy supplement that provides super immune support for both the advanced & amateur athlete
  • Increases daily energy, endurance, drive, focus & recovery
  • Detoxifies the body and helps remove heavy metals
  • Naturally supports the production of VO2 transport carrying agents
  • Supports blood purification and oxygen-carrying functions
  • Naturally supports RBC production and tissue oxygenation
  • Experience new levels of maximum performance
  • Supports productivity, focus, and competitiveness 
  • Stronger and more effective then Omega-3 fish oils
  • Absolutely no fish taste or smell
  • 100% legal, safe & effective
  • An all-natural and stimulant FREE athlete energy supplement

Shark Liver Oil is naturally rich in alkylglycerols and squalene and is extracted from the livers of deep-water Centrophorus sharks, which inhabit the cold, non-polluted waters of the extreme North Atlantic at depths of 3,000 to 5,000 feet. Superior, all-natural, shark liver oil is minimally processed to ensure that all of its natural trace elements are maintained. We avoid harsh processing and heat which would strip the oil of many of its valuable natural constituents. 100% pure, with no artificial coloring, additives, or preservatives.

Environmentally Sound: We only utilize shark liver oil for our vitamins from sharks that are caught as a by-product of deep-sea fishing, making a valuable remedy from a natural resource that would have otherwise gone to waste. 

Manufactured in the USA within an FDA, NSF, GMP Certified Facility

Quantity: 90 soft gels



Take the suggested dosage with morning and evening meals. Benefits are cumulative when taken daily. Advanced Athletes: 8 soft gels may be spaced out throughout the day leading up to an athletic event.

*Do not exceed 15 days without a break.

*Do not use this product if allergic to fish.

*Do not use if you have excessive red or white blood cells. 

This product has a Certification of Analyses, proving the strongest and cleanest Omega-2 extracted oil is used in its production. 


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